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Heater MVN-600 / 1437-06

Steam-water heaters MVN-600 (1437-06) are produced according to GOST 28679-90. Exchange surface: 62,3 m2, nominal water flow: 200,0 t/h.

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Steam-water heaters MVN-600 (1437-06) are produced according to GOST 28679-90 "Heaters steam-heating systems. General technical conditions", THE 3113-002-28903910-2014. OKP code 31 1359.
The designation / type and size of heater: MVN-600 (1437-06).

Steam-water heaters MVN-600 is intended for heating of network water steam boiler in the annular space, which moves through the pipes (similar to the principle of operation of the heat exchanger PP). Used according to the scheme of the boiler-the boiler, in hot water (DHW), heat networks, heating systems, cooling systems, heat exchange in technological processes of different industries, as well as heating saturated steam from the steam lines low pressure steam boilers, buildings and structures for various purposes.

Heater MVN-600 includes a casing, a pipe system, front and back water chambers.

Steam-water heaters MVN-600 – horizontal shell and tube heat exchangers, which are installed inside the pipe system of brass tubes brand L-68 with a diameter of 16 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm. the body of the heater MVN is made of 20 steel.

All Assembly units and parts heaters are made from materials and semi-finished products, provided that "Rules of arrangement and safe operation vessels working under pressure" approved by Rostechnadzor.

Important! Steam-water heaters MVN-600 can be installed and operated at ambient temperatures above 0C°.

Also, at the customer's request, PC Boiler can make a separate pipe system to the heat exchanger MVN-600, but this requires the dimensions of the tube plate, which is already mounted heater, T. K. dimensions of product from different manufacturers may vary.


 Обозначение подогревателя:  МВН-600 1437-06
 Рабочее давление воды, МПа  1,6
 Рабочее давление греющего пара, МПа  1,0 
 Максимальная температура, С°  200 
 Поверхность теплообмена, м2  62,3
 Количество ходов, шт  2
 Номинальный расход воды, т/ч  200
 Число трубок, шт.  330
 Диаметр корпуса, мм  630
 Длина подогревателя, мм  4910
 Масса подогревателя, кг  1745


Сертификат ISO 9001

Сертификат соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

Приложение к сертификату соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

ГОСТ 21646-76 — Трубы латунные для теплообменных аппаратов

Приложение к сертификату ISO 9001

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