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Heater 1-35-2-2 PP / PP1-35-2-2

Steam-water heater PP1-35-2-2 (N) – apparatus for heating water. The surface area of the heat: 35,3 m2, water consumption nominal: 169,0 t/h.

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Steam-water heaters of PP1-35-2-2 (H) is designed to heat water (which is done by cooling and condensation of the heating steam) hot water systems (DHW), heat networks, heating systems, cooling systems, heat exchange in technological processes of different industries, as well as heating saturated steam from the steam lines low pressure steam boilers, buildings and structures for various purposes.

Material of casing – carbon steel, and tubes of these heat exchangers is made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10, but you should pay attention to the fact that this material reduces the heat flow by approximately 10%.

This heater is available with elliptic bottoms.

Steam-water heater PP1-35-2-2 (N) – shell-and-tube apparatus of a horizontal type, comprising the body of the heater, pipe system, front and rear(floating) the water chambers of the heater housing cover heater. Pipe system is made of two tube plates with Cavalcanti they heat exchanger stainless tubes.

This product PP1-35-2-2 there are connections, making it possible to establish strapping the piping and valves which serve for inlet and outlet of heating and heated environments. Assembly of the basic units of this steam-water heater is carried out by means of detachable flange joints for preventive inspection and repair heater PP.

In the heat exchanger PP1-35-2-2 the heating steam passes into the annular space and has one move. The heated water should the pipes of the pipe system and has two moves at the expense of the partitions in front of the camera. Which leads to the increased speed of the heated water and higher heat transfer coefficient.

Construction of the steamboat "a floating head", due to the rigid attachment of the front tube plate and the free movement of the rear tube plate together with the inner cover of the pipe system, covering thermal expansion of the pipe system due to the temperature difference between it and the wall of the housing and provides a reliable operation of the heater.

Using the valve (conductive pairs) located on the pipeline, regulated by the heat exchanger temperature or the flow rate of the coolant (steam).


 Обозначение/типоразмер:  ПП1-35-2-2
 Площадь поверхности нагрева, м2:  35,3
 Кол-во трубок, шт:  392
 Тепловой поток, Гкал/ч:  3,38
 Расход воды номинальный, т/ч:  169
 Диаметр корпуса, мм:  630
 Общая длина, мм:  2915
 Масса общая, кг:  1290


Чертежи на подогреватели пароводяные ПП

Сертификат ISO 9001

Сертификат соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

Приложение к сертификату соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

ГОСТ 21646-76 — Трубы латунные для теплообменных аппаратов

ГОСТ 28679-90 — Подогреватели пароводяные систем теплоснабжения

ГОСТ 108.271.105-76 — Подогреватели пароводяные тепловых сетей

Технические характеристики подогревателей пароводяных типа ПП1 и ПП2

Эксплуатационные требования пароводяных подогревателей

Приложение к сертификату ISO 9001

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