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The heater of network water PSV 90-7-15

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The heater of network water PSV-90-7-15 serves to heat and maintain the temperature of the water vapor. The area of heating surface: 90 m2 diameter: 1020 mm number of tubes: 456 PCs

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The heater of network water PSV-90-7-15 serves to heat and maintain the desired temperature of the water vapor in heat supply systems, thermal power plants, heating-industrial and heating plants.

PSV-90-7-15 – shell and tube heat exchanger of vertical type with a floating head, comprising: a housing made of a metal cylindrical shell, upper and lower water chamber, a pipe system, which consists of upper and lower tube plates, frame tubes, straight tubes, the ends of which are flared in the tube sheets, seals for flange connections and pipe grids. Also the heater includes regulating, isolation valves, instrumentation and safety valves, which are installed on this machine or the feed lines in accordance with the drawing of this heater and the technological scheme of installation.

The principle rabotadatelya water PSV-90-7-15 is heated the heat carrier (mains-operated water), which enters through a fitting in the front water chamber, and followed in the pipe system. Flat divider (2-way) or T – shaped partition wall (4-way) splits the flow and are located in the front water tank. In the pipe system the water is heated in the heat exchanger tubes, provides 2 or 4 stroke . In the floating head is turn of the tide. 2-stroke performance of the floating head has no partitions, and 4 - way flat, the partition separating the flows. At the end of the closing stroke in the pipe system, the heated mains water is supplied directly to the heating network.

The heating heat carrier (steam) heater PSV-90-7-15, enters the annular space through the nozzle in the upper part of the body. As a result of condensation, the steam transfers heat through a surface heat exchanger brass tube the water network. Further, the condensate of heating steam flows into the lower part of the housing of the heater and is discharged from the heater through the nozzle. The line of withdrawal of condensate from the PSV is mounted a regulator valve, which receives the pulses from the sensor, fixing the water level (deviation from norms) in the body of the heater.

Maintaining the acceptable level of condensate in the hull of PSV-90-7-15 the issue of excess condensate in the drainage network, and the obstruction of the steam outlet from the housing valve provides automatic level control of condensate. The accumulation of non-condensed gases (air) in the heater PSV-90-7-15 discharged through the connection provided that is mounted on the heater housing.

Pipe system made of brass brand L68, stainless steel 12X18H10T and copper MNZH5-1.


 Обозначение/типоразмер:  ПСВ 90-7-15
 Площадь поверхности нагрева, м2:  90
 Кол-во трубок, шт:  456
 Длина трубок, мм:  3400
 Диаметр корпуса, мм:  1020
 Рабочее давление нагреваемой воды, кг/см2:  14,7
 Рабочее давление греющего пара, кг/см2:  6,9
 Температура греющего пара, не более oС:  400
 Температура воды в трубной части, oС:  150
 Тепловой поток, МВт (2-х ходовой аппарат):  16,28
 Тепловой поток, МВт (4-х ходовой аппарат):  16,28
 Расход воды номинальный, т/ч (2-х ходовой аппарат):  350
 Расход воды номинальный, т/ч (4-х ходовой аппарат):  175
 Общая длина, мм:  5430
 Масса общая, кг:  3960


Чертеж подогревателя ПСВ 90-7-15

Сертификат ISO 9001

Приложение к сертификату ISO 9001

Сертификат соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

Приложение к сертификату соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

ГОСТ 21646-76 — Трубы латунные для теплообменных аппаратов

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