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Heater water 13-273*2000 / PW1-273х2-G(N)-1,0-10,28- T

Heaters PV / GDP 13-273*2000 manufactured block support walls. Heating area: of 10.28 m2), nominal flow rate of the heated water: 120,9 t/h.

39 200 руб.
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Water heaters PV / GDP 13-273*2000 (sections) are done with block support walls. Pipe system made from stainless steel 12Х18Н10.

The device is connected to heating systems using transition pieces installed between the casing and the tubing.
Heat exchangers MF / GDP are for heating water in hot water systems (DHW), heating of buildings and constructions of various purpose. And also used in other applications requiring heating or cooling the liquids. Heater GDP 13-273*2000 is widely used in chemical, oil and gas industries for heating, cooling and condensation of steam, gases and mixtures thereof.

This heater consists of sections connected in series between a rolls and annulus crossings. Inside the section there will be a brass tube, which are located at an equal distance from each other of the supporting walls, which all together enables the heater to provide the required thermal performance.


 Общепринятое обозначение:  ВВП 13-273*2000
 Старое обозначение:  МВН 2052-33 / 13ОСТ 34588-68
 Развернутое обозначение:  ПВ 273х2000-1,0-РГ-236,0
 Площадь нагрева, м2:  10,28
 Наружный диаметр, мм:  273
 Длина блока-секции, мм, не более  2000
 Рабочее давление, МПа (кгс/см2), не более:  1,0 (10)
 Число теплообменных труб в блоке-секции, шт:  109
 Номинальный расход нагреваемой воды, т/ч:  120,9
 Тепловой поток, кВт:  236
 Объём теплоносителя в рубашке, л:  83,41
 Масса секции (латунь), кг:  220
 Масса секции (нержавейка), кг:  195


Сертификат ISO 9001

ГОСТ 27590-88 — Подогреватели водоводяные систем теплоснабжения

Приложение к сертификату ISO 9001

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