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Cooler condensate OG-12 (cooler drain)

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Coolers condensate OG-12 are used to cool steam condensate heaters PN (low pressure) and PSV heaters (mains water) heating systems connected to CHP plants and industrial boilers. The heat produced during the cooling of the steam condensate is used to heat more cold main condensate in the regeneration system of the turbine, saving heat in a cycle.

Note that the PC-boiler has the ability to produce modernized steam-water heaters with built-in cooler condensate!

The principle of operation and arrangement of chiller condensate OG-12
Chiller condensing type exhaust is a heat exchanger "water-water" the horizontal type, which consists of 2 sections which use a countercurrent movement of the liquids. The cooler section of the condensate consists of a body of the pipeline system and removable front and rear cameras or caps. The body of the cooler condensate OG-12 consists of steel pipes, which are connected by pipes through which the condensate flows from one body to another. These pipes also serve as supports for the upper row of blocks. Longitudinal bulkheads in each hull provide two turns of the condensate ring. Pipe system chillers condensate OG-12 consists of two steel tube sheets with Cavalcanti they straight pipes 22х2. The front panel is securely welded to the housing and is stationary and the rear movable with Salnikov seal. The front water chamber, works the drain cooler OG-12 runs of pipes, flanges and flat bottoms. When disassembling the camera, all the cameras shot at the same time. Inside the chamber separated by a partition providing two zod condensate in the annular space. Chassis cover cooler condensate made of stamped elliptic bottoms and flanges.

The dimensions of the drain cooler OG-12
Diameter, mm: 273

Length, mm: 2100

The number of tubes, PCs.: 124

Pipe size, mm: 22х2х1576 ST20


Характеристика Значение
 Площадь поверхности теплообмена, м2 12
 Давление в корпуса, МПа 0,59
 Давление в трубной системе, МПа 1,47
 Температура на входе в корпусе, С 165
 Температура на входе в трубной системе, С 120
 Номинальный расход воды в корпусе, т/ч 8
 Номинальный расход воды в трубной системе, т/ч 33
 Количество ходов воды в корпусе, шт. 4
 Количество ходов воды в трубной системе, шт. 4
 Масса, кг. 701


Сертификат ISO 9001

Сертификат соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

Приложение к сертификату соответствия на сосуды, работающие под избыточным давлением RU C-RU.АГ95.В.01039

ГОСТ 21646-76 — Трубы латунные для теплообменных аппаратов

Приложение к сертификату ISO 9001

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