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U-tube Heat Exchangers Steam to Liquid (type PPRU)

PC "Boiler" was the first in Russia (1995) to master the production of horizontal steam-water heaters with a surface of heat exchange from U-shaped pipes - the type of PPRU. Heaters of this type can be used to heat water by using the heat of steam in heating and hot water supply systems, heating liquid fuel, as well as in other process plants. In the FPRU apparatus, the steam enters the annular space, and the heated liquid moves inside the tubes.

Pipe bundles PPRU are recruited from brass or stainless pipes with a diameter of 16x1mm. The ends of pipes are fixed in the tube board with the help of rolling. The heaters are designed for heating steam pressure 1.4 MPa (14kg / cm2) and initial temperature of steam 250 oC. Typical execution of heat exchangers PPRU is: the length of the tube bundles from 300 and 3000 mm., The number of water strokes in the pipe system 2, 4 and 6.

These devices are much cheaper than typical preheaters PP and MVN. Heaters are manufactured according to TU 3113-002-28903910-2014. Service life is 20 years. RosTechNadzor RF heaters type PPRU are allowed for use in the "boiler-boiler" system.





Main advantages of heat exchangers 

- possibility of use in confined spaces due to small dimensions;
- considerably less cost in comparison with plate heat exchangers and typical steam-water heaters;
- possibility of dismantling and excavation of the pipe system from the body for inspection, cleaning and repair, which ensures the cleaning of the annular space;
- increased thermal efficiency;
- elimination of the possibility of contact of the tubes in the bundle with each other and their abrasion due to vibration;
- the possibility of cleaning the heat exchangers PPRU by one person (!);
- small dimensions of the heat exchangers of the PPRU can significantly reduce the cost of installation and further maintenance.

The main dimensions of the PPRU heaters


















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