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The deaerators in the collection

Company PC Boiler manufactures and supplies Assembly deaerators atmospheric, which consist of the following components: deaerator tanks BDA, column deaerating kDa and YES, coolers, flash steam OVA, hydraulic YES. The deaerators in the collection are manufactured according to TU 3113-004-28903910-2014. 

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The deaerator atmospheric vent is composed of column, deaerator tank –accumulator, cooler operation and safety devices; designed to remove corrosive gases (oxygen and free carbon dioxide) from feed water of steam boilers and feed water heating systems.
The principle of operation of deaerator atmospheric
To deaerating column top condensate inlet, and the bottom in the same column is supplied steam. The condensate is drained by perforated sheets downwards and steam rises upwards. The result pairs propulsive through the water, ridding it of the gases (mostly oxygen). The evolved gases (flash steam) are removed from the vent column.
The work of deaerator depends on the needs of the boiler in the feed water, which in turn depends on the needs of consumers. The deaerator has a supply of water in the accumulator tank for a few minutes of uninterrupted boiler operation.
To maintain the specified parameters require a system of regulation. It allows the deaerator to change and maintain its parameters depending on the operation of the boiler.