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Column deaerating DA-50

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Two-stage deaerating column atmospheric pressure with a series of DA bubbling device at the bottom of the column is designed to remove corrosive gases (oxygen and free carbon dioxide) from feed water of steam boilers and feed water heating systems in boilers of all types (except pure water) and CHP. Column deaerating YES-50 is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 16860-88.

The principle of operation of the column deaerating DA-50

Column deaerating DA-50 is mounted directly on the accumulator tank. In column (applied a two-step scheme of the degassing stage 1 - jet, 2 - bubbler, and both stages are placed in the deaerating head DA-50. Water flows, de-aeration to be fed into the column through the nozzles on the upper perforated plate. With the last of the water drains jets located below the overflow plate, where a narrow beam of the jet of larger diameter merges into the initial portion napravlennogo bubble sheet. The water then passes through the bubble sheet layer, provide overflow porom (the protruding portion of the overflow pipe and the drain pipe is drained to the storage tank, after the extracts which are given from the deaerator through the pipe. All the steam is fed to the storage tank of the deaerator, ventilate the volume of the tank and gets under the sheet of a bubble column DA-50. Passing through the holes of the bubble sheet, the area of which is selected so as to exclude the failure of the water with a minimum thermal load of the deaerator, steam puts water on it to intensive processing. With increasing heat load, the pressure in the chamber under the bubble sheet column increases, the hydraulic lock by-pass device of the column and the excess vapor is discharged into the rim of the bubble sheet using paraparaumu pipe. The pipe provides a hydraulic lock by-pass the Bay of deaerated water while reducing the heat load. From bubbling steam through the device hole is directed into the compartment between the plates. Gas-vapor mixture (flash steam) is discharged from the deaerator through the pipe at the top of the column DA-50. In the jets is heating water to a temperature close to saturation temperature; removing the main mass of gases and the condensation of the greater part of the steam supplied to the deaerator. Partial release of gases from water in the form of small bubbles is on the plates. On the bubble sheet is heating up water to the saturation temperature with negligible vapor condensation and removal of trace gases. The degassing process is completed in the accumulator tank, where the allocation of water of fine bubbles of gas through the sludge.

Column deaerating DA-50 has no flange and is welded directly to the battery in Baku. Relative to the vertical axis of the column can be oriented arbitrarily, depending on the specific installation diagram. Case deaerators series of DA are made of carbon steel, internal parts - stainless steel fastening elements to the housing and between them is carried out by electric welding.

It is worth noting that the PC Boiler manufactures Weir plates in stainless steel, unlike many manufacturers. Pay special attention to this!


Характеристика колонки ДА-50Значение
 Производительность, т/ч 15,0-60,0
 Температура среды, °С 104,2
 Давление среды, МПа 0,12
 Диаметр корпуса, мм 816
 Высота, мм 2340
 Масса, кг 470


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Чертежи на колонки деаэраторные КДА

Чертежи на колонки деаэраторные ДА

Декларация о соответствии на деаэраторы термические с маркировкой: ДА, ДВ, БДА, КДА, ОВА, ОВВ, ЭВ, СП, РД RU Д-RU.АУ37.В.19977

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