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Ionite filters FIPA

Company PC Boiler manufactures filters FIPA for over 15 years. These filters are used elliptical head of own production (!) of durable carbon steel. Ionite filters FIPA is necessary for the softening of water; are produced according to TU 3113-004-28903910-2014. A lifetime of 20 years.

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PC "Boiler" offers filters FIPA own production of filters for water softening, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. The process of magazine water filters FIPA is through chemical demineralization of water. Filters FIPA sodium cationite used in the factories and boilers, which require softening and desalting water production.

The cycle of softening water filters FIPA sodium cationite consists of several stages: the first stage - the softening, the second stage - Wrigley, the third stage - regeneration,the fourth stage - washing. The water, which must be analcite, enters the filter FIPA, under the pressure of 6 atmospheres and passes through the layer of cation exchange resin. The operating cycle in the filter FIPA is carried out by passage of cations of sodium in the filtrate.

FIPA cationite filter consists of a cylindrical welded body made of special steel sheet, which has a flange connector for repair, installation or commissioning of internals of the filter. Filter FIPA production PC Boiler has a corrosion-resistant coating inside na kationitov filter, which is applied for a more durable filter (optional extra).

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Types of filters FIPA
Ionite filters FIPA parallelotope the first stage production of the PC Boiler are used in water treatment plants power plants, industrial and heating boiler-houses. They are intended for the treatment of water to remove from it nakipbekova cations ( Ca2+ and Mg2+ ) in the process of sodium-hydrogen - or ammonium-sodium-cataniavia, as well as sulphate, chloride and nitrate anions in the process of desalination of natural waters. 

Ionite filters FIPA parallelisation the second stage of production is the PC Boiler is designed to operate in various designs complete chemical demineralization for the second and third stage sodium-cataniavia, hydrogen-cataniavia and animirovanye. They are used in water treatment plants power plants, industrial and heating boiler-houses. When using filters FIPA in the schemes of deep desalination of water removed almost all cations and anions, with the exception of silicic acid, and the use of diagrams in chemical desalting is removed and silicic acid.

The purpose of the filter FIPA
Parallel-accurate ionite filters FIPA, the first stage process the water and remove ions nakipbekova Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the process, the ammonium-sodium or sodium-hydrogen-cataniavia, as well as chloride, sulfate and nitrate anions in the process of removing it from natural water salt.

Parallel-exact ion-exchange filter FIPA second stage is designed to work in electrical installations deep chemical remove the salts for the second and third stages of the hydrogen-cataniavia, sodium-cataniavia and animirovanye. Filters FIPA second stage used in water treatment plants and power stations, heating and industrial boiler houses. While using filters FIPA in the schemes of deep removal of salts from water are removed practically all the anions and cations, except silicic acid. During use of the filter in the full chemical removal of salts is also removed and silicic acid.

Description of the user filter FIPA

Filters FIPA include the housing, top and bottom distributor, steel tubing, valves, and devices for sampling. The FIPA filter housing made of sheet steel, welded together. It has a cylindrical shape, welded it to the bottom stamped elliptical. At the bottom of the filter FIPA welded the three legs necessary for sustainable to set a filter on the Foundation.

To the Central part of the lower and upper bottoms of the filter FIPA welded flanges. Outside to the flanges of the connected piping.

Overhead filter device manufactured by FIPA and pipes, arranged according to the "glass in glass". One pipe placed inside another, the bottom edge of both pipes are plugged. Fall pipe uniting the upper part of the inner pipe and the outer pipe are connected by an internal pipe, the upper end of it rests in the bottom of the elliptical filter FIPA.

If the diameter of the filter is less than 1500 mm., lower switchgear manufactures two types: "copies" or "false bottom". If the diameter of the filter 2000-3600 mm., then the distributor is only "copying".