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Filter ECS of 2.0-0.6, in stock: lying "radial system" of carbon steel; NRU a "false bottom" with plastic caps

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Clarification filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 is designed for removing from water suspended impurities of different dispersity. Filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 is applied in the schemes of water treatment for various purposes: power plants, industrial and heating boiler-houses. Water clarification when you pass it through a clarifying filter occurs as a result of sticking to the grains of filter material coarse impurities in water that linger on the surface and in the pores of the filter material.
Description of the design of the filter FAUVE-2,0-0,6

Mechanical filter water TARIFFS 2,0-0,6 consists of steel casing, lower (ANR) and upper (ASU) distribution devices, piping (pipelines), valves and devices for sampling. Filter housing ECS 2,0-0,6 represents a cylinder, which consists of a welded sheet steel, with welded stamped elliptic bottoms. To the lower bottom of the filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 welded to three legs to set filters on the Foundation.

In the center of the upper and lower bottoms of the clarifying filter vertical type FAUVE 2,0-0,6 welded flanges that connected the outside lines and inside the switchgear. Overhead filter device FAUVE 2,0-0,6 represents a overflow disc located inside the filter housing ECS in the center. The bottom distribution device filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 represents a "false bottom" with installed filter caps type FEL with a slit width of 0.4 mm. Important! The presence of the support layer on top of the filter caps in the ECS of 2.0-0.6 for height of 150 - 200 mm from the loading fraction 5-15 mm) is a prerequisite for the operation of the filter.

Filters FAUVE 2,0-0,6 with a false bottom and a slotted caps inside, has an even distribution of water when flushing, and the use of "long tail" of the FEL caps in this filter allows the simultaneous flow of water and air (water / air flushing), which reduces the time of washing the filter ECS of 2.0-0.6 and increases its effectiveness, thus also reduces the consumption of flushing water.

The principle of operation of the filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6

Water under pressure of 0.6 MPa is supplied to the processing in the filter ECS of 2.0-0.6 and goes through a layer of granular filter material. All the mechanical impurities contained in water, a delayed filter loading filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 , and clarified water is collected bottom-Assembly-distribution system (IRAS) and is discharged from the filter. Water clarification filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 occurs as a result of sticking to the grains of filter material coarse impurities in water, which are respectively delayed on the surface and in the pores of the filter material of the filter.

The cycle of operation of the filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 consists of three steps: clarification, Wrigley and rinsing. Filter FAUVE 2,0-0,6 is designed for installation only in a closed room, and to operate at a positive temperature.


 Производительность, м3/ч  30
 Условный диаметр фильтра, мм  2000
 Тип верхнего распределительного устройства (ВРУ)  лучевая система
 Материал верхнего распределительного устройства  ст3сп5
 Тип нижнего распределительного устройства (НРУ)  ложное дно
 Материал нижнего распределительного устройства  пластик
 Кол-во колпачков в НРУ 1/2", шт.  120
 Высота фильтрующей загрузки, не более, мм  1000
 Рабочее давление, МПа  0,6
 Температура в фильтре, не более, С  40
 Масса, кг  2 280


Декларация о соответствии на оборудование подготовки воды и др. сред с маркировкой: ФИПа, ФОВ, ФСУ, С, ВПУ, ФМ, ФМР, ЭБ RU Д-RU.АУ37.В.19977

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