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The dilator purge RP 0,4-0,45

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Extenders continuous purge RP 0,4-0,45 required to separate water mixture to two components: steam and water. They are used for blowing the drums of steam boilers, low / medium / high pressure and then use heat water and steam in the cycle. Extenders purge RP of 0.4 to 0.45 is used to reduce consumption of steam and heat loss from exhaust steam-water mixture. If the thermal circuit to the exhaust a couple must meet certain requirements for salt content, etc., are also used separators continuous or periodic purge. If there is a need to simply divide the steam-water mixture into steam and water, then apply it to the continuous blowdown expanders or dilators periodic purge.

The description of the dilator purge RP 0,4-0,45
Extender continuous purge RP 0,4-0,45 is a device of cyclone type, i.e. steam-water mixture is separated into steam and water by the action of centrifugal forces, which arise due to the tangential cart water to the expander. Blowdown expander is a vertical cylindrical vessel with flat or elliptical bottoms with tapered inlet pipe or pipe of circular cross section and the steam and water nozzles. The swirl flow in the expander is carried out by an organized supply of water mixture to the inner wall of the expander. Steam, while maintaining the rotational motion, is sent to the steam space and is discharged through the pipe, which is located at the top of essertes. The water flows along the walls of the extender RP of 0.4-0.45 and is discharged through the bottom nozzle.


Характеристика РП 0,4-0,45Значение
 Давление рабочее, МПа  0,85
 Давление расчетное, МПа   1,0
 Температура рабочая, С   178
 Давление гидроиспытания, МПа  1,31
 Вместимость корпуса, м3  0,4
 Масса, кг  600


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