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Blowdown separators SP

Company PC Boiler manufactures separators continuous blowdown of more than 15 years. These separators are used elliptical head of own production (!) of durable carbon steel. SP separators are produced according to TU 3113-004-28903910-2014. A lifetime of 20 years.

Please note! Each client PC BOILER has a unique photo opportunity-tracking each stage of production your order in on-line mode! Rest assured that Your order will be made from the best materials in the best quality!



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166 900 руб.
Separator continuous blowdown SP-0,28-0,45
299 500 руб.
Separator continuous blowdown, SP-1,4-0,8
239 600 руб.
Separator continuous blowdown SP-0,7-0,6
319 400 руб.
The continuous blowdown separator SP-1,5-0,8
499 200 руб.
Separator continuous blowdown SP-5,5-1,4