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Company PC Boiler manufactures solenostomidae more than 15 years. In these solaractivity used elliptical head of own production (!) of durable carbon steel. Solenostomidae are produced according to TU 3113-004-28903910-2014. The service life of the heaters is 20 years.

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Solarstream is designed to prepare the regenerating sodium chloride solution and ammonium sulphate for cationite filters, and clarification of solutions of reagent in water treatment plants.

Solenostomidae used in water treatment plants and industrial heating plants.
For water treatment in boiler, PC Boiler offers tank salt dissolvers, the price of which is set based on the characteristics of the equipment. The device is used in special systems that are required for the softening of raw water. Tank salt dissolvers is used for special cleaning cationite filters, and preparation of salt solutions. 
Cylindrical vertical tank salt dissolvers fitted as standard on three legs-supports, must always be equipped with a special, suitable to the installation in all respects, valves, piping and instrumentation. The prepared solution is needed for reconstruction or in other words, regeneration of the ion exchange capacity of the cation exchanger.

PC Boiler delivers this kind of machine at factory price, always guaranteed quality, confirmed by all necessary certificates. Clients who work with us, know that the equipment offered by our company, is a leader in the Russian market for quality and service.

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