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Manufacture of water treatment equipment

Since 1999, we have been manufacturing various modifications of water treatment equipment for utilities and energy. We implement both standard projects and projects of our Customers.

Briefly about our production ...

Fast production time

The production time for a typical container does not exceed two weeks. To solve emergency issues, the production time is not more than 100 hours.

Individual size

You have a capacity drawing for your connecting dimensions, but you do not know who would do it .. Not a problem! We can produce a water treatment plant according to your sketch with the provision of design documentation.

100% quality control

Absolutely all our water treatment plants undergo color flaw detection control. Supervised equipment, as well as equipment made of stainless steel passes UKZ and X-rays.

Technological possibilities

Mechanical section

- 7 lathes For the processing of specific details, incl. 1 CNC machine;
- 5 drilling machines For drilling and countersink holes, incl. 1 high-speed CNC machine;
- 3 milling machinesFor milling of parts and grooves, incl. 1 CNC machine

Cutting and Welding

- Plasma cutting Walls up to 40 mm thick and gas-flame cutting of walls up to 130 mm thick
- semi-automatic welding on welding rotators with frequency control
- argon welding stainless steel products;
- plasma / gas-plasma cutting of holes with CNC system

Other features

- surface treatment: sandblasting, etching / passivation of stainless steel products
- felling on the guillotine: up to 3000 mm in width and up to 12 mm in thickness
- rolling of shells: up to 2000 mm in width and 20 mm in thickness
- quality checking metals by non-destructive testing: X-ray, ultrasound, color, magnetic-powder flaw detection

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Production time
up to 14 days
Quality is confirmed
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