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Our advantages

In our company are really professionals in their field. The average work experience of our employees is 13 years.

The basic principles of our company's work are strict observance of the terms of the signed contract, fulfillment of obligations under warranty and post-warranty service, as well as close interaction with customers, based on mutual respect and trust.

Our company conducts open relationships with its partners. We are not afraid to show our production, confirming the fact of manufacturing products in open access in the on-line mode.

We initially chose to develop as a way to always be ahead and be profitable to differ from competitors. Improvements, effective changes and innovations allow us not only to achieve stability today, but also to lay a serious foundation for future achievements.

Scientific activity and development

Since 1995, Boiler has been developing in the field of improving and modernizing heat exchangers. We believe that heat exchangers must meet a number of requirements, compliance with which will allow heat exchange equipment to be efficient and highly efficien.

The main of these requirements are:

  • Heat exchange equipment must be dismountable;
  • Equipment must ensure a long-term reliable operation at the current level of efficiency in the existing conditions;
  • It is necessary to clean all internal surfaces from contamination and repair the heater assemblies at the operation site using available materials and tools;
  • Available consumables and spare parts should be used

Small-sized heat exchangers with a U-tube

In 1996, under the leadership of the director Alexander Nikitovich Yakimenko, we developed and launched a series of tube-and-tube heat exchangers with a U-tube. This breakthrough in the field of highly efficient heat exchangers confirms the foresight of management and is the main vector of the company's development to this day.

Network water heaters for power plants

Since 1997, scientific cooperation with the NPO CKTI Polzunova in the field of improving the serially produced heat exchangers. For example, in 1999, advanced heaters for network water such as PSVE were developed. The main difference from the serial devices is the possibility of cleaning the tube part of the heat exchanger without removing it from the housing, as well as using a "denser" pipe system with a length of 3000 mm. (Instead of serial, with a tube length of 3400 mm.).

Advanced vapor coolers

In 1999, advanced atmospheric and vacuum evaporator coolers were developed. They are based on "densely packed" tube bundles from the U-shaped tube, due to which we have achieved a reduction in the dimensions of the apparatus by a factor of 1.7, with a simultaneous increase in the heating surface and an improvement in the heat transfer coefficient. Also, ultra-small OVA-1M vapor coolers for atmospheric deaerators with a deaerated water capacity of up to 5 t/h were developed.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with built-in condensate cooler

In the 2000s, we started developing applications for shell and tube heat exchangers with an integrated condensate cooler. These devices do not have the inherent characteristics of serial steam-water devices PP. We have perfected the pipe system, which resulted in a one-way transverse movement of the steam through the bundle, as well as a dedicated cooling zone of the steam-air mixture. The presence of a cooling zone for the condensate of the heating steam makes it possible to avoid the use of external condensate coolers (!) (Usually 2 water-water heat exchangers of the PV type), which considerably reduces the occupied space in the boiler room.

Heat exchangers for working with non-standard environments

Since 2010, we have started to use our heat exchangers with U-shaped tubes not only in the housing and communal services sector, but also in specialized specialized plants working with such environments as: vegetable oils, synthetic and thermal oils, steam mixtures, glycols, freon etc. Heat exchangers Are made in special material designs, with the use of welding in argon.

Completely new equipment .. Very soon!

Since 2015, we have been developing in the field of flue gas utilization, as well as the development of fundamentally new heat exchangers for utilities, which will directly compete with plate heat exchangers. The main developments will be demonstrated at HEAT & POWER 2018 from 23 to 25 October 2018, which will be held at Crocus Expo IEC.

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